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   About my new album                          "Tomorrow (There Is A Way)"

During the development phase of an album, various influences come into the music that shape the character of the music. The previous albums "Lietzensee" and "Sixteen" were created during a phase in which I was listening to a lot of orchestral and piano music. The music on these albums is therefore sometimes perceived as introverted or jazz-oriented.
The further development of my guitar technique brought me closer to my musical roots. I started playing in bands as a very young guitarist. The musical structure, which results from the interaction of drums, bass, melodic instruments and vocals, has fundamentally shaped my musical thinking and feelings. As time went on I got better and better at emulating the central elements of the rhythm section on the acoustic guitar and building a melodic structure around that base.
I am particularly interested in the vocal component of playing the melody. As a prime example of how a melody can be made to sing on a stringed instrument, I would like to cite Jaco Pastorius and his wonderful playing on "A Remark You Made" (Weather Report - Heavy Weather). You can literally hear the words and at the same time no longer need them. This deeply moved me and encouraged me to seek and (sometimes) find my melodic voice on the guitar. I also have a deep emotional connection to the tonal language of guitarist Peter Green, who, like many others, is one of my important influences.
Some of the material processed on the album has a long prehistory. "Baltic Dawn" and "There Is A Way" were written in 1979 while working on the band project Windminister. I integrated basic structures of these songs into my current context. "You Came To Me" and "Lovers And Angels" are also songs with a long history, which have already been released in another version ( Ufholz and Klunker - Beautiful Machines). The rest of the tracks were written during the work on "Tomorrow (There Is A Way)". My goal here was to translate the melodic component of the songs to the guitar without limiting the possibilities of guitaristic variations and improvisations.
The important thing for me about an album is that the emotional mood is transported. This also includes the acoustic-sonic component. Recorded at Oelbergstudio (Berlin) and mixed and mastered by Christoph Stickel (CS Mastering, Vienna), this production aims to meet the highest audiophile standards.                                                                                    But above all, a hopeful, optimistic attitude should be recognizable. Also, or especially in difficult times:            "Tomorrow (There Is A Way)".
Eberhard Klunker

Berlin based guitarist and composer Eberhard Klunker is completely committed to the acoustic guitar. His style could be described as "Acoustic Fusion". Beyond the "fingerstyle" tradition, his playing contains elements of rock and jazz guitar tradition, a piano - like harmony approach and percussive structures.  7usmedia

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